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Center for Intellectual Property and Competition Law (CIPCO)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intellectual Property Law

CIPCO cooperates with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) in a project on the chances and challenges that so-called “artificial intelligence” presents – both in Switzerland and globally – to the intellectual property law framework:

  • AI-based business models and their demands regarding an appropriate IP law framework
  • Applicability of traditional IP rights (IPRs) to AI tools generating IP and to IP generated by such tools?
  • Need for new types of IP rights?
  • Tension between increasingly “creative” AI systems and the concept of human inventorship/authorship
  • Need to ensure third-party access to key AI systems and their output in order to safeguard innovation dynamics?
  • Cornerstones for devising – and counseling on – an appropriate IPR portfolio strategy regarding AI
  • AI in IP transactions
  • Use of AI by IP offices

We will assess these and further issues in a series of online workshops leading up to a closed-door, on-site event that focuses on potential legislative and administrative steps for adapting the intellectual property law framework to the AI context.


The event series is available as a podcast at:

Podcasts AI & Intellectual Property Law


Flyer / Program (PDF, 358 KB)



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Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

Podcasts of the events: